Nurse Call

Nurse Call

Speedek Services Limited have over 20 years of experience in installing and maintaining nurse call systems and all work is undertaken in a sensitive and understanding manner necessary in such environment.


Systems generally fitted to residential and nursing homes

New Installation

We can install most types of nurse call systems to suit the individual needs of our customers, ranging from standard systems to emergency systems and addressable systems – all hard-wired for total reliability. Most can be installed directly into an existing wiring system keeping disruption to a minimum. New installations are designed to grow as your needs require, allowing for alterations or expansion. Before handover, all systems are tested to ensure full functionality and staff members are given relevant training in the use of the new system.


The most common components fitted are;

Wall mount call/reset points

Fitted to each call location and used for generating calls, resetting of point, plugging in tail call leads or pressure mats. Slave call points are also available.

Ceiling mounted pullcords

Used in bathrooms and toilets to generate a standard call, mounted to the ceiling and fitted with a pullcord.

Over Door light

Used above doors in a corridor to indicate status of the call within each room. Also available with an integral sounder alarm.

Door monitoring point

Used for indicating when a door has been opened, this can be used for a resident’s room door or to protect entrance and exit doors or sensitive areas.

Tail call lead

Used above doors in a corridor to indicate status of the call within each room. Also available with an integral sounder alarm.

Maintaining existing systems

We offer annual nurse call checks to all components within your nurse call system for continued operation and reliability. General maintenance is available where we can replace faulty or damaged nurse call components as the need arises.

Alteration or expansion to existing systems

We can modify existing systems to incorporate new bedrooms, bathrooms etc. or to fit additional display units.

Maintaining existing systems

We can supply components such as tail call leads, pressure mats, portable movement detectors, reset keys etc. to keep your system operational and to meet varying needs of your residents.

What we offer

  • Update existing systems
  • Standard & emergency systems installed
  • Addressable systems installed
  • Annual testing of call points and ancillaries

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